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Do you love clothes that make you feel good and look fresh?

I know we do!

Perhaps you want to feel like you can do anything.

Of course you do. Yo Funky is all of that and so much more…

I’m Ethan and Yo Funky is my creation. Yo Funky was launched

when I was only 10, in 2014. I wanted to create a logo for the

whole nation to enjoy, to create clothes that will make you smile!

My younger brother Donnie and I have created the newest,

coolest, funkiest design out there to make you look funky and


Yo Funky is striking, bold and eye catching with sharp bright

colours. Brighten your life today – get your funk on now.

Yo Funky is simple. We want people to look good, feel good and

to be happy.

Take a look at the t-shirts, long sleeve tees, hoodies and

beanies available now and follow us on Facebook and watch

our range grow! As you ride, skate, dance, surf and just live your

life – feel and be funky.

Look Funky   

Feel Funky  

Live Funky


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